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It is always better to buy visitors medical insurance for USA visitors from the USA itself, rather than the home country. When you buy from the U.S., you generally get the health insurance card, PPO network, direct billing to the insurance company and network negotiated fees when you visit the providers in the network.

Patriot Go Travel America is an excellent low cost choice for visitors medical insurance for the USA. Patriot Go Travel America insurance is a comprehensive visitors insurance. It does not include any other bells and whistles but provides an excellent medical coverage for visitors to the USA.

The following coverages are not available in the Patriot Go Travel America, which are available in Patriot America:
Emergency Medical Evacuation - Transportation to the nearest place where adequate medical care can be given.
Repatriation of Mortal Remains - Sending the dead body or the remains back to the home country.
Loss of checked luggage
Injury to teeth in an accident

If you don't need any of the above coverage, you can save some money by buying Patriot Go Travel visitors medical insurance for USA visitors.

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